IFNCA IFN Credit Administration

"SyncSys IFNCA" provides a complete and customized solution for the management of stages and processes involved in lending to nonbank financial institutions under the laws and regulations enforced by the central bank.

Soft IFN CA Client management system: Collection and management of personal data, contacts and information about the financial situation of the client.

Soft IFN CA Scoring models to assess the risk and financial client’s performance: IFNCA allows configurations for scoring models. These scoring models, starting from the customer data entered into the system, establish a degree of its financial performance, which can be a criterion in the decision approving the loan.

Soft IFN CA Security system for managing user/groups rights: User access to the system functionality is restricted based on a set of roles that are assigned to each user depending on his area of responsibility.

Soft IFN CA Loans approval work-flow: Loan approval work-flow can be configured according to the client lending policy. The credit goes through certain statuses (Analysis, Approved, Signed, Granted) requiring approval from a committee analysis / lending. The system will generate notifications about the work-flow status of the loan to approval committee members and those responsible for that loan.

Soft IFN CA Automatic generation of specific documents: The system allows automatic generation of system necessary documents involved in the analysis / granting / managing credit: credit application, form approval, credit agreement, mortgage agreement, notifications, schedule, payment orders / collection, record cash / bank, balance.

Soft IFN CA Credit products: Mortgage Loans, Consumer, Factoring, Credit Line, Online Loans, Leasing: Loan products are configured according to client lending policy and peculiarities desired.

Soft IFN CA Automatic administration of loans (RON or foreign currency): Depending on the lending policy, the system can configure specific loan products according to types of loans that grant that company. Loans that will enter into the analysis are defined by using a flexible system based on loan products previously defined system that allows setting and configuration elements composing the loan: the amount granted, maturity term, interest, calculation of interest, penalties, grace period, fees, guarantees. All operations related to credit both operational management and accounting are done automatically by the system.

Soft IFN CA Support (operational and accounting) for specific operations that occur during the management of credits: The operations involved during the loan is processed (operational and accounting) server based on a rigorous verification / validation of these operations: granting credit, collection, prepayment, changing interest rates, changing term, rescheduling, entry into execution, liquidation.

Soft IFN CA Partners Management, Billing, Fixed Assets, Payroll: Besides the credit management system and provides a management system for partners, invoices, assets.

Soft IFN CA Integrated accounting module: All operations accounting intervening in the management of credits and the society are operated automatically by the system integrated accounting module: receipts, payments, account / operating interest / penalties / outstanding account / operating reserves, revaluation of foreign currency accounts, closing accounts income and expenses, invoice registration, depreciation of fixed assets, generating monthly balance.

Soft IFN CA Custom reports: The system provides a number of specific financial and accounting reports including BNR, CRC, BC, ANAF.

Soft IFN CA Import / migration / integration from / to other systems: There is also possibility of automatic migration of integration with other software systems.