IFN C.A. Fleet Manager

Business solutions for the management of public passenger transport. It manages and automates the operations within a single integrated solution that intervene in public passenger transport activity. One solution is easily adaptable to customer needs and easy to use.

Soft Fleet Management System allows the management of:

Soft Fleet Management Price policy management:
Prices are defined in tables of prices with the possibility of defining associated special tables only certain races or only certain categories of passengers.
Tables incepend prices are defined by a certain date from which they come into force.
This provides a flexible configuration discounts / promotions that may apply in the context desired.

Soft Fleet Management Ticketing travelers:
The vehicles will be equipped with mobile data devices with GPS, internet connection, touch screen, fiscal cash register (which will operate as a fiscal printer) Electronic proximity card reader (NFC) and optional video camera. From this equipment will operate issuing driver / receipts / ticketing, subscriptions, reservations parcels and discounts. The system also works offline, the data is stored locally and then synchronized with the server to establish a data connection. Ticketing can be both means of transport and from fixed points (counter sales).

Soft Fleet Management Subscriptions:
Counter module manages the portfolio of clients (individuals and companies) with their personal data and other information. Here is released electronic cards or non-nominal personalized for each client with personal details (and pictures) printed on it. Electronic cards are secure proximity cards. The collection and recording of electronic subscriptions can be made both at the fixed (counter sales) and transport means. Validation subscription boarding is done automatically by the system proximity card reader system displaying personal customer data, pictures and information regarding subscription / subscriptions traveler. If abonamenul is invalid system will indicate this. Electronic cards can register one or more subscriptions travel with unlimited or fixed number of trips, loyalty points or electronic wallet. Billing module can issue invoices and receipts for subscriptions and issued travel. The bill allows export to other accounting systems.

Soft Fleet Management Reservations:
The reservation system allows to manage bookings depending on the number of available jobs. Reservations can issue boarding payment (online or by phone) or pay on the spot, if the booking is made at a fixed thing. When registering a reservation system that will display historical customer with information and travel related bookings made earlier. Customers can be notified about the reservation status messages. Reservations are synchronized in real-time mobile data equipment from vehicles. The driver will collect / validate bookings according boarding.

Soft Fleet Management Special courses:
The system allows management of special races. This module allows the allocation and monitoring of passengers on this type of courses.

Soft Fleet Management Real-time monitoring:

Soft Fleet Management Reports: The system provides specific reports regarding:

Soft Fleet Management Integration: The system allows integration with other reservation systems, sales or accounting.